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 WebShed.Com provides you with a sampling of links that cover a wide range of scientific disciplines, from anthropology to zoology, and from the sub-microscopic, to the super-macroscopic. Whether you're looking for images form space, or the history of mankind, we have endeavored to provide what we consider the best resources available on the Internet.

Perhaps the greatest achievement of humankind is the creation of the scientific method of deduction. The ability to reproduce and measure the results of any given experiment or theory.




CNN Sci-Tech
CNN offers the latest news from the science and technology front. While you won't find in-depth scientific data, the articles adequately cover the major issues.

Cornell Theory Center Math and Science Gateway, The
The Internet can be a great teaching tool, and Cornell University wants to help young people benefit from the Net's educational potential. To this end, its Math and Science Gateway offers links to excellent educational sites for high school students.


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Discover Magazine
Updated monthly, this electronic version of the popular science publication includes selected articles from current print issues, a great educational forum, schedules for cable television's Discovery Channel and an archive of back issues.

Discovery Channel, The
The Discovery Channel transports its unique combination of education and entertainment from the television screen to the computer monitor without losing its charm. Check out Live Events for a schedule of audio and video Webcasts.

EXN: The Exploration Network
Discovery Channel Canada crams considerable information into these pages. Articles cover the gamut, from robotic gas-station attendants to current surgical techniques. Index links to archives, science and math games, puzzles and broadcast listings.

Exploratorium: ExploraNet
San Francisco's Exploratorium presents a collage of 650 interactive exhibits in science, art and human perception. Tour the online exhibits, explore the Amazon River or probe fundamental scientific principles through interactive online displays.

Frank Potter's Science Gems
The intent of this page is to provide students on all grade levels with a reliable and up-to-date scientific reference; however, this comprehensive guide to science sites is an incredible resource for any armchair seeker of scientific truth.

National Science Foundation
Grant programs, research initiatives, special educational funding and other stimuli are the tools NSF uses to ensure U.S. leadership in scientific research and the development of scientifically savvy young people entering the workforce.

Visited by researchers and students around the world, Nature is the world's most cited weekly science journal. Not limited to any particular discipline, the publication delves into all fields of research, from cell membrane activities to astrophysics.

New Scientist
A wide-ranging publication, New Scientist brings a subtle flavor to its online version with news, features, reviews and editorials, live events and selected Web links. The career guide and job listings highlight this solid publication.

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