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S & T - Astronomy


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Astronaut Connection, The
This site highlights a different astronaut every month. You can trade messages and chat with the featured space explorer.

Comet Observation
Links to almost 300 images of 29 different comets.

Jet Propulsion Laboratory's glossary of Space terminology.

How To Become An Astronaut
This Kennedy Space Center FAQ gives tips to anyone interested in a space flight career.

Hubble Space Telescope Pictures
View color pictures of the solar system, stars, nebulae, supernovae, distant galaxies, quasars and more.

Northern Lights Planetarium
Find out what causes Aurora Borealis and see a QuickTime movie of the magnificent lights from Norway's first public planetarium.

Scale Solar System Page
Experience the distance between the planets by taking a unique scroll through the solar system.

Views of the Solar System/Vistas Del Sistema Solar
Take a pictorial roadtrip of the planets, but watch out for meteorites!

Students for the Exploration and Development of Space (SEDS)
Sign the first interactive International Space Station Petition and complete a space tourism survey.

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WWW Hot Topic: Space Shuttle
Get the launch dates, mission status, equipment details and even trivia on past and current shuttles.


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Sky Online
Online service of Sky Publishing Corporation provides astronomical news and calendars, product reviews, viewing tips and much more.


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