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 Kids' Lynx is for kids! Whether you came here for a school project or for just plain fun, well . . you've come to the right place!

A few things you may be wondering about . .
The club is divided up into the following three main sections:

The Funhouse : Where you can find all sorts of things ranging from games, TV shows, movies, arts & crafts to information about clubs, food, you name it!

The Games Kids Play: Another List of game that Kids can play.

The Schoolyard : Need help with your homework? You've come to the right place! We've got classrooms for reading & writing, math, history, science . . . even lunch!

People, Places & Things : Your ticket to history, maps, languages, far-off and out-of-this-world places! !

Pre-school and Parents:

Playground : a special area just for Pre-Schoolers.

If you want to tell us about your favorite sites, a little bit about yourself, or just want to say 'Hello!', send us a letter !


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GROWN-UPS: All of our links were "kid-tested and grown-up approved." However, it is extremely important to realize that due to the nature of the Web, changes are made daily, and it is possible for kids to access links that can lead anywhere. We highly recommend that parents accompany their children as they browse the Web. Please take a moment to check out some helpful advice about your child's safety on the Internet. Parents may also want to consider safety software .

 Kids & Parents

Pets : A new group listing pet related pages. You have a certain type of dog?  Look for one alike.  Even send E-Mail for you animal to the others.

If you ever experience any site that is not appropriate or questionable in nature please contact us, we will re-review it and make the required updates within our links.

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