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Teen Zone

Please note: This site is not intended for children under 13 . Some of the subject matter here may be of a slightly mature nature (PG-13). If you're under 13, please visit Kids' Space instead!

Do you want to see something cool?
You have got to see this video. NEW
Talk about Having A Bad Computer Day

You know it and Love it the Dancing Baby is here. Come see the baby who made it to the Ally McBeal Show.

Check out our Genie Dehsbew he'll give you a tour of our site. It uses MS Agent technology.  The same as the Parrot you see on Microsoft Comericals.

Advice for Teens
This site has great advice on dating, love, and driving.

Animation Workshop
Experience the world of animation with such companies as Disney, Pixar, and Warner Brothers.

Chat Rooms
Check out all the cool chat rooms.

Comic Books, RPGs, etc.
A place to buy, trade, and sell comic books. Plus, a look at Role Playing Games.

Earth Links
Information on ecology and wildlife.

Fashion and Beauty
Tips on fashion for boys and girls.


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Check out all the cool free stuff you can get off the Internet.

Jokes Page
Computer jokes, Barney jokes, redneck jokes, and links to your favorite comics.

A one-stop place to buy tickets to any concert, download free music clips, and join in on fan clubs.

School Help
Guidance on how to study for the SAT, prepare a resume, and study for the classes you are taking right now.

Teen Magazines
Awesome magazines just for teens!

Teen Television Shows
The new fall shows are here. Check 'em out!

The Young Stars Links Page
Great source for finding young celebrites on the web. Vote for your favorite Star to win the Young Star Of The Month.

Xtreme Sports
Explore in-line skating, skateboarding, skydiving, snowboarding, and surfing.


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