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S & T - Science Fun

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Blue Raspberry Jell-O Zone, The
Now's your chance to find out once and for all what's in blue raspberry Jell-O, read true tales of Jell-O gone bad and learn more than you ever wanted to know about colloidal dispersions.

Bunny Survival Tests
Those pastel marshmallow bunnies that appear in the universe around Easter time are the subject of this exhaustive series of tests studying the bunnies' reactions to radiation, oxygen deprivation, heat and electrocution.

Custard's not just an after-dinner treat. It has several scientific uses, and this page explains its thixotropic properties, its use during the NASA moon mission and its application in the entertainment industry.

Flaming Pop Tart Experiment, The
Independent proof of the combustibility of Pop Tarts is offered by the director of the American Institute of Pyrotartology. A page of photos illustrates the experiment, and meticulous lab reports document the process.

Food Gone Bad
Real-life photos of forgotten food in a corporate office refrigerator may send you running to your own icebox to see what wonders are growing within. Here are actual mold cultures on beverages and lunch leavings.

Fun with Grapes
Only common materials are required to replicate this culinary stunt -- causing grapes to combust within a microwave oven and produce a satisfying light show. Detailed instructions and illustrations can guide you through setting up a lab in your kitchen.

Glowing Pickle, The
Here are brief details for enhancing the natural glow of a dill pickle with the time-tested combination of metal and electricity. An added bonus is the pickup line suggested by Penn and Teller.

Jet Powered Kitchen Dragsters
Test air/fuel mixtures with wheel-mounted, two-liter soda bottles and measure their speed as they race across the kitchen floor. Find instructions for assembling the dragster, gassing it up with propane and igniting the fuel.


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Light-Emitting Vegetable Diode
Inspired by the glowing pickle experiment, a group of Digital employees constructed an elaborate apparatus to run electrical current through a kimchi sample. The page details the resulting glow and smell.

Liquid Oxygen Hamburgers
Intrepid barbecuer George Gobel won the 1996 Ig Nobel prize for chemistry presented at Harvard University, and his page is a collection of news clippings, sound files and info on his prize-winning experiment.

Mould Sentience Experiment
The scientific mind behind this ongoing experiment to determine if fungal/bacterial life living among humans is capable of sentient, self-aware thought explains how the project began and provides an observation log and conclusions.

Strawberry Pop-Tart Blow-Torches
Pseudo-science meets breakfast pastries in this experiment to determine if unejected Pop Tarts really do turn toasters into incendiary devices. A detailed, illustrated account of the experiment takes visitors through every exciting step.

T.W.I.N.K.I.E.S. Project, The
Why study for finals when you can play games with Twinkies instead? A group of bored students at Rice University performed a series of experiments to test the oxidation, solubility, density and other properties of Twinkies, and they share their results.

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