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S & T - Earth Science

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AGU Hydrology Section
A resource for members of the American Geophysical Union and others who are researching the cycling of continental water (solid, liquid and vapor) at all scales.

Edwards Aquifer Research and Data Center
Describes a carbonate aquifer located in Texas. It's a vital source of drinking water and crucial to endangered species, agriculture and industry. Take a tour, read the weekly conditions report or get information on associated educational programs.

Encyclopedia of Water Terms
This huge repository of water-related terms and nomenclature provides clearly written definitions. There's nothing fancy here; it is simply a rock-solid dictionary that any student, teacher or curious party will find useful.

Global Hydrology and Climate Center
This joint research venture between government and academia focuses on understanding the Earth's global water cycle and its impact on climate.

Global Hydrology Resource Center
Learn about the GHRC's flight and field projects and explore educational resources for hydrology and the earth sciences.

Groundwater Issues and Resources
The Seaborg Center for Science and Mathematics examines local groundwater issues and offers selected hydrology links.
Explore the groundwater mailing list and discover other resources relating to groundwater and hydrogeology.

Hydrocomp, Inc.
Learn about the water resource simulation methods of this consulting firm, which specializes in hydrologic modeling and analysis.

Hydrogeologist's Home Page
Discover hydrogeological organizations, software, data repositories, publications and other useful resources.

Hydrogeology, Hydrology and Environmental Sciences Information Sources
Surf an alphabetical listing of links to online research resources related to hydrogeology, hydrology and the environmental sciences.

Hydrographic Society, The
Learn about this organization's efforts to promote the science of surveying over water and foster standards of education and training for hydrographic work.

Hydrologic Information Center
Explore current and archived summaries of national river and other hydrologic conditions, with an emphasis on extreme events such as floods and low flows.

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Hydrologic Modeling Resources
Link to Internet resources on topics such as hydrological modeling and remote sensing, and find related data archives and research units.

Hydrology Laboratory
A research unit specializing in the development of improved methods for predicting water yield and assessing large scale environmental changes on water resources.

Hydrology Web
Explore a comprehensive collection of links to Internet resources on hydrology and related topics.

International Association of Hydrogeologists
IAH members promote the science of hydrogeology worldwide and facilitate the international exchange of information on groundwater.

Land-surface Hydrology Data Links
Explore a comprehensive index of hydrology-related research resources around the world.

Water Resources of the United States
The U.S. Geological Survey presents data on national water conditions, use, quality and toxicity.

Water Tidbits
A veritable fountain of water facts and figures. Get the latest data from the U.S. Geological Survey or submit your questions about water usage, purification techniques, ground water contamination or anything else water-related.

Watflood: A Distributed Hydrologic Model
An integrated set of computer programs that forecast flood flows for watershed, with response times ranging from one hour to several weeks.

Web Resources for Geomorphologists
This index from Miami University includes links to a variety of earth science topics, from hydrology and digital topography to floods and landslides.

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