In this variation, when the person who is "it" tags someone, they are frozen in place. To be unfrozen, someone must touch them and must yell out the name of a TV show ("The Simpsons!"). A TV show name can only be used once.

Play continues until all are frozen. The last person to be tagged is "it" for the next game.

VARIATION:  Alternately, play as per normal tag, with no 'base'.  Instead, you can make your own base by sitting down and yelling out the name of a TV show as above.  Then you are 'safe' for 10 seconds.  And no standing right next to someone who it on base waiting for their 10 seconds to be up.  When you get tagged without being 'safe', you are it.

Variation contributed by Lauren Wengerd

Also called "Squat Tag" which is basically identical to TV Tag except that a topic is chosen beforehand that can be anything (flowers, comics, etc).  Then to be safe, the players just have to name something within that topic ("rose", "dandelion", etc.).

Variation contributed by Karen Cucchia

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